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ELEMAX is powered by dual fans to keep your body temperature cool and comfortable. Press the far left button on the panel twice. The LED light will glow blue and the fans will begin propelling. Press the same button an additional time to turn the heat and / or cooling function off.


Relax your muscles with the fast warming technology of the ELEMAX. Press the Heat button once to turn it on for consistent heat. The LED light will glow red and automatically shut off after 15 minutes of use. If only using the Heat function your ELEMAX will last for up to 7 cycles when fully charged.

55 °C / 131 °F


There are two different massage mode settings on the ELEMAX - Constant and Variable. The Constant setting is a steady vibration pulse and the Variable setting is a rhythmic vibration. To select the massage mode you’d like to use press the Modes button once for Constant mode, press a second time for Variable mode and a third time to turn it off.


The ELEMAX has two levels of massage intensity - Gentle and Powerful. Press the power button once for the Gentle setting, two green lights will show on the button panel. Press the Massage Intensity button once for the Powerful intensity to begin, you will see a yellow and green light.

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  • Regulates Body Temperature
  • Increases Blood Flow
  • Speeds Muscle Recovery
  • Relaxes and Soothes Stiff Muscles
  • Heightens Productivity and Focus
  • Boosts Energy
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Flexible and Versatile


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The ELEMAX Massage Chair/Unit is designed to enhance your day. Whether you’re on the move, sitting at your desk or watching a movie you can use the ELEMAX on the go when charged.

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Charge from your laptop or computer

The ELEMAX comes with a USB charging cord making this the most versatile cooling, heat & massage chair out there. Easily charge your ELEMAX through your computer or device and let it work for you during your day.

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Wall charger

Use the included wall charger when you’re in work mode and let ELEMAX’s cooling, heat & massage therapy keep you focused and less stressed.

Battery power
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Level up your current Gaming Chair with this powerful Cooling, Heat and Massage unit. Easy to use with dynamic results.

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Future Seating

Future Seating, founded in 2016 manufactures office chairs, gaming chairs, and accessories, with a focus on providing consumers with ergonomic, high quality, thoughtfully designed seating products. Future Seating incorporates innovative ergonomic features into its chairs like Elemax, Dynamic Variable Lumbar (DVL) TM Support, Sci-Float infinite recline and REVOLVE Extended Recline. Future Seating’s mission is to constantly challenge and redefine what it means for consumers to sit comfortably. All Future Seating products aim to increase comfort and enable high performance and productivity.