Female casually sitting in a Mavix chair

Future of Gaming.

Mavix was created for gamers looking for a better solution than the traditional race car seat gaming chair. Developed by a partnership combining a team with over twenty years of experience designing ergonomic office chairs and a group of endemic gamers, Mavix has carefully crafted an ergonomic gaming solution that breaks the mold of previous gaming chairs.

  • Extreme Ergonomics.

    All Mavix chairs feature the Future-9 Functions of critical ergonomics to support gamers everywhere. All Mavix chairs come with locking wheels that individually lock so your chair will stay in place while playing. Easily unlock them to move throughout your space freely.

  • White M9 gaming chair in a room
  • Versatility.

    You can use your M4, M5, M7 or M9 for long gaming sessions; but, because Mavix is rooted in solid office ergonomics, our chairs are also great for doing homework, creating projects, engaging in work calls, or even watching TV. If you want to sit down and be productive, a Mavix chair is here to support whatever you need to accomplish.

  • Gaming Chair Evolution.

    Mavix represents a massive leap forward in gaming chair evolution. We believe a gaming chair should be designed for long gaming sessions, from the ground up.

  • The Mob.

    We’ve assembled a dream team of gamers, esports athletes, crossover talent, and industry leaders to help tell the Mavix story.