We’ve assembled a dream team of gamers, esports athletes, crossover talent, and industry leaders to help tell the Mavix story.

Male gamer Sykkuno influencer for Mavix


Sykkuno, aka Chairkkuno, is the newest member of the Mavix Mob. He is one of the most popular streamers on Twitch, amassing over 3 million followers. Sykkuno was previously streaming on a dining room chair, but now he loves his Black and Glacier M9. Sykkuno plays a variety of games, such as Among Us, GTA, Rust, and more. He may or may not have the best smile of all of Twitch.

Female gamer Valkyrae influencer for Mavix


Valkyrae’s rise to stardom is nothing short of amazing. From working at Game Stop while creating content on the side, to becoming one of the fastest growing streamers, she has shown what can result from hard work and dedication. Plus, have you seen how good she is at Among Us?

Male gamer Lough influencer for Mavix


Pronounced "Low". Lough is a streamer and content creator who is passionate about creating unique content that fuses gaming, streaming, lifestyle, and tech. You can watch his creative efforts through his Instagram and TikTok videos.