We’ve assembled a dream team of gamers, esports athletes, crossover talent, and industry leaders to help tell the Mavix story.


Sykkuno is one of the largest streamers on YouTube Gaming. As a variety streamer, Sykkuno has most recently streamed games such as Valorant, Among Us, Fall Guys, and GTA. His accelerated growth within three years as a content creator involves a laid-back, friendly, and wholesome personality. He lives in a content house called ROOMIES with other top creators. In his free time, he enjoys spending it with his friends and his dog, Bimbus.



GutzyAiden is a streamer and content creator focused on developing his own signature content at the intersection of tech, gaming and lifestyle. Self-dubbed “The Mousepad King” (seriously, he makes some sick mousepads), GutzyAiden hopes to serve as an inspiration to other creators to follow their dreams and prove the doubters wrong.



A California native, Tori Pareno is a 22-year old gaming, acting and lifestyle creator on TikTok, YouTube and Twitch. Tori has amassed a following of over 980K across all platforms and is posting content focused on acting practices, day in the lifes, trends, dances and gaming. Previously, Tori was a creator for Luminosity where she focused on gaming before shifting to more lifestyle content on TikTok and YouTube.



Based out of Houston, Texas, Cedlom has had a passion for film and content creation since middle school. Growing up watching the OGs of YouTube like Ryan Higa and Smosh, Cedlom decided to make the jump and started creating content in December of 2021. Since then, he’s seen success in growing an audience with short form content on multiple platforms, and plans to bring his talents to long form content in the near future.



Emijuju is a 24 year old content creator based out of Toronto, Canada. She enjoys playing FPS titles such as Apex Legends and VALORANT, but also has a passion for cooking. Her favorite dish to cook is Japanese chicken katsu - because you can never go wrong with some fried chicken!



Th3Vale is a content creator best known for his skits impersonating other streamers, as well as his commentary videos- and being better at VALORANT than @ludwigahgren. Th3Vale started creating content in the hopes of brightening people's day, in the same way his favorite creators did when he was having a rough time. He hopes to one day be able to host a skits show like Saturday Night Live, where streamers of different sizes can show off their improv and comedy chops.



Jennah is a 22 year old live streaming personality and video creator. She produces daily golf, gaming, and lifestyle video content and has garnered over 2 million followers across her platforms. Jennah plays a variety of FPS games such as: Valorant, CoD, Apex Legends, and more.