Dynamic Variable Lumbar

The DVL support on the M4 adjusts itself to your body every time you move. Get the exact amount of support you need, no matter how you sit, or how long you play.


Fixed Back Reclining Support

The M4 features a fixed back height design that can fully recline back allowing you to chose how you want to sit while gaming. Lock in the recline position easily for seamless functionality and comfort.


Locking Casters

The M4 comes standard with Locking Wheel Casters. Stay in one place while gaming by the click of a button and release when ready to roll about your space.

Head & Neck

Adjustable Head & Neck Support

Have you ever been uncomfortable after sitting for a few hours without head & neck support? Not with MAVIX. All MAVIX Models come with an adjustable head & neck support because good ergonomic principles don’t end at your shoulders.

Cool Pressure Relief


MAVIX Mesh is smooth and comfortable and is tested to be set at the perfect tension to be both supportive and comfortable.


One-Way Adjustable Armrests

The M4 armrests can be raised up and down based on the arm height that you need. Give yourself the right amount of support during gameplay to ensure you keep your head in the game and not on arm strain.

More Information

More Information

MAVIX’s 12-year warranty is the best in the gaming chair business. Every MAVIX chair is individually quality control tested. All models are made with Class 4 heavy-duty gas cylinders that will stand up to the most formidable and long-playing users. All of our materials – our mesh, foams, plastics, metals, and mechanisms – are of the highest quality, and designed to stand the test of time. Learn more about the MAVIX warranty here.